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Standard ERP’s Point of Sale (POS) module is a powerful solution designed to streamline retail environments. With the POS module, you have access to real-time reporting, a detailed financial overview, and inventory management. CRM is built into the system allowing you to accurately capture customer information. Track purchase activity, for example, and market your products with precision and efficiency, properly segmenting your customers and targeting them with increased conversion rates.

The POS module is seamlessly integrated with the rest of Standard ERP and therefore allows for every aspect of the retail environment to be managed through a single platform. Standard ERP is a fully integrated system using a single database, reducing the need for third-party systems that require repetitive data entry and excessive IT costs.

Training employees requires minimal effort with our intuitive and easy to use interface. From the most basic cashier operations to online orders, Standard ERP provides the best methods to manage your sales processes. Cloud services allow you to communicate with external payment systems, offer gift vouchers and establish customer loyalty programs.

Transactions and inventory levels can be tracked for multiple shop locations and updated in real-time. Alternatively, you can decide to have all this information processed using batch routines if you opt for a scheduled option. POS offline is a feature which allows sales transactions to be recorded in the respective shop, then synchronized as soon as a connection is restored, therefore reducing the risk of loss of records and processed transactions.

Standard ERP’s is the best retail business software, from POS and CRM to Inventory and on-demand, comprehensive reporting, it always enhances productivity, optimizes your customer lifecycle and sales pipeline, and gives you the tools for an informed and effective decision making process.

We register sales and purchase orders in Standard ERP and the system automatically provides us with all the relevant information about the items. When entering a sales order, we can use the item status bar to see the quantities of the item available in stock, any stock that is already reserved on a sales order and any stock currently on order from our supplier. In this way we can easily monitor and control our stock levels and make purchase orders on time.

- Sigita Salkovska | Finance Director