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About Filter

Standard ERP improves customer service in Filter - a water supply and cleaning, gas and heating systems and service provider in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The Latvian company, based in Riga, employs 20 people and has an annual turnover of over 1.5 million Euro.

The Situation

Filter Ltd was established in Riga in 1994 and immediately chose to run their business using Standard ERP software. Sigita Salkovska, Finance Director of Filter Ltd explains, “When we were evaluating existing accounting systems on the market we looked at SCALA and other less complicated systems. We chose [Standard ERP] because of the simple and logical interface and the software was also highly recommended by our Estonian colleagues." Now all three Baltic companies are running [Standard ERP].

The Solution

Over the years, Filter has developed and grown and their system requirements have changed. Initially, the system was used for accounting purposes only, but today, all employees use the system with accounting, sales, management and administration staff all entering and reporting on data. Filter recently purchased new functionality including Sales Orders, CRM and Group Calendar to enable them to integrate information from the different departments. Today Filter uses Accounting, Logistics, Purchase and Sales Orders, Fixed Assets, CRM and Calendar functionality.

"A high level of customer service is very important for our company because not only does it make our customers happy, it also improves our reputation — a key factor in increasing sales and remaining competitive. Using the functionality available in the CRM, Calendar and Sales Orders modules has helped us to improve our customer service. As all the modules are fully integrated, high quality and up to date information is available to all employees. Employees can see contact persons, registered activities such as phone calls or meetings, order and payment status — all of this information is extremely important when talking to customer. Having an integrated system means that information can be distributed to all departments quickly, easily and efficiently."

Sigita Salkovska | Finance Director

Filter has achieved all of its business requirements using Standard ERP. "Our company works using [Standard ERP] functionalities - we have not had any customization or programming. We are happy with the information and functionality that is available in the standard product. Occasionally we need additional information but we are able to export any relevant data out of [Standard ERP] and import this into a spreadsheet easily. We are still considering HAL programming as an option as this would allow us to optimize some processes,” says Salkovska.

"We register sales and purchase orders in [Standard ERP] and the system automatically provides us with all the relevant information about the items. When entering a sales order, we can use the item status bar to see the quantities of the item available in stock, any stock that is already reserved on a sales order and any stock currently on order from our supplier. In this way we can easily monitor and control our stock levels and make purchase orders on time."

"We use the CRM functionality to run efficient sales campaigns. We have divided all our customers into categories and groups and this enables us to focus our sales efforts on specific organizations. As [Standard ERP] allows multiple contact people to be allocated against a company we no longer waste time trying to find the right person to talk to. Information stored in the sales orders is a basis for future sales activities planning. CRM is a tool for individual customer service as well,” Salkovska continues.

Filter works on projects for large organizations. The bigger the project, the more employees and products are involved, and the more complicated it becomes to control the costs. Using Standard ERP’s object structure Filter are able to allocate all costs to a project, providing management with necessary information about total profitability per project, by department or employee.

Filter has recently started to use Standard ERP´s Group Calendar to register service jobs carried out. The calendar also allows Filter to plan and schedule employees’ time in the future, analyse employees’ time statistics and register service orders.

The Future

Having combined the accounting, sales and customer service functionality into a single database, the water supply, cleaning, gas and heating company is enjoying the benefits of a fully integrated system. Salkovska explains "We are still not using 100% of the functionality available in [Standard ERP]. The functionality available means that we will be able to develop ours sales, customer service and administration processes without additional investments into information systems and services. Our [Standard ERP] system will support both external market changes and internal developments."

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