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What We Offer

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Attractive partner agreements

Our partners are essential members of the HansaWorld global network. Bottom line you will be getting sustainable revenue streams and the ability to build long-term profitable relationship with customers. Our commissions are multi-year, highly competitive and upfront. No cashflow delays plus accelerated annuity revenues to help you fund and grow your business.

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Non-competitive environment

When we cooperate we thrive together. As our partner you will not have to compete with us or other partners for the same customer.

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Free training / Knowledge transfer

The initial onboarding investment to partner with us is an industry benchmark low. We provide all necessary product training and accreditation for free. We also ensure that the training meets your individual needs and can offer bespoke courses based on your speed to market.

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Go-to-market support

Partnering with HansaWorld is a journey and we are with you all the way. Your dedicated Channel Manager will help you develop a best practice selling team. You will also have a direct access to a local Product Manager to make sure that our product is always localised and relevant to your local markets.

Working with world-class ERP software

Become your customers' trusted business advisor and improve their business performance, help optimize and automate their processes with your industry knowledge and HansaWorld solutions.


How many enterprise systems suppliers have been delivering continuous business innovation for 35 years based on internally developed industry solutions for multiple verticals?

Our software is scalable, easy to implement and easy to customize. Our products speak your language so that you are fully localized for your country and, more importantly, for the countries you have identified for your expansion.

Keep you and your clients relevant in your markets by identifying and winning opportunities based on the breadth and depth of HansaWorld's Standard ERP.

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Partner Programs

We run a complete set of Partner Programs for various types of businesses and levels of expertise. We’ve taken the handwork out of finding the one that fits your organisation:

Business Partner Program

This is our most common form of partnership agreement. If you have expertise in selling and installing ERP software, this program was made for you.

Lead prospects through the whole journey to becoming your customers—from generating leads to installing and customising the software. Plus the added bonus of competitively priced subscriptions and well above industry commissions and service fees.

  • Access of Service and Reference Programs
  • Multi-year competitive commissions
  • Sustainable business based on high customer satisfaction
Distribution Partner Program

This program enables you to take the Partnership to the next level. Using your existing wide Partner network and reputation for Channel delivery you can represent HansaWorld in your region.

We train you to manage product localisation and ensure it always meets all local requirements. Providing your customers with a fully compliant and modern system. Building out your partner network maximises profits through generous multi-year license subscriptions.

  • Highest commissions of all programs
  • White label agreements available by negotiation
  • An opportunity to readily enter new markets with ease
Referral Partner Program

If you provide consulting and business optimisation type services to customers then our Referral program is a perfect fit. Simply refer potential new customers and partners to us, and HansaWorld will take care of the rest.

  • Fits any type of consulting business
  • No investments required
  • Generous commissions or a flat fee for every referral
Service Partner Program

If you know how to provide Services then we can provide expert training to service our software. From installations to customisations and ongoing maintenance—add our products into your technical services portfolio and grow your customer base with recurring revenue.

  • Long-term contracts with customers
  • Highly customisable product
  • No involvement in sales or lead generation
  • Free product training
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If you are ready to take the next step towards making your business more successful, we want to hear from you. Our dedicated Channel recruit team is only one email away. Contact us now for a demonstration and begin your partnership journey with HansaWorld Standard ERP.