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Remote Working Made Easy

Standard ERP Digital Office

Standard ERP's Digital Office suite is an entirely paperless and collaborative digital work environment. It goes beyond traditional office management practices allowing employees to accomplish business tasks anywhere at any time.

In today’s modern world having a fully digitized business system is an operational need. The current COVID-19 pandemic is a great example of this and we are seeing businesses that have adapted quickly to working remotely, win.

However many of the available tools only address one problem, like emailing or task management and require costly integration to have them work together.

Standard ERP Digital Office combines many functional tools such as communications, time management, and business approvals into one easy-to-use application. Making it simple for you to manage your business from anywhere.

We at HansaWorld are experienced with remote working and our in-built tools have made collaboration across our global team a success for many years.

With Standard ERP Digital Office your business information is mobile, making it easy for you and your team to function efficiently from anywhere.

Upgrade your Standard ERP to Digital Office today, and make working remotely a success in your organisation.

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