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Standard ERP is designed with a unique approach to hotel management, with front desk, bar and restaurant, accounts, sales, marketing and CRM, inventory, purchasing, online reservations, booking sites and more, all integrated and available in a single application.

Reservations can be managed across multiple establishments with the ability to filter by room location. With a graphical display of reservations and room availability, and the use of drag and drop to allocate rooms to specific guests, managing reservations with the hospitality module is a breeze.

The status of each room can be viewed with user-defined classification codes, such as reservation requests and room types, allowing the user to manage not just smoking/non-smoking rooms, for example, but those with specific facilities and amenities such as wheelchair access and additional beds or saunas and hot tubs.

Use Standard ERP’s Webshop for real-time web reservation and booking service management. Guests can make reservations for any date range, whether it be for hotel and guest rooms or event venues, treatments and excursions; Standard ERP facilitates both booking and payment. You are provided extensive, style-sheet based control over page design.

Expedia, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Orbitz - you name it and Standard ERP’s seamless integration with SiteMinder’s channel management service provides a single dashboard to administer your offers and presence on booking sites. Use this dashboard for real-time data to analyze the performance of each room and your establishment on each channel. Make all of your rooms available for reservations across all of your preferred channels and, when one is reserved, the booking and room availability updates in real-time for all sites.

Eliminate the need for multiple data entry, reduce overbookings, and increase your visibility. Siteminder’s integration with Standard ERP gives you the tools to streamline your online booking process and manage your room inventory and dynamic rates.

Standard ERP’s workflow overview allows you to track which rooms need cleaning and which are ready for check-in. Rooms can be brought in and out of service, and maintenance tasks and routines can be assigned to staff, either on general to-do lists or with specific dates booked in their employee calendar. The housekeeping report gives an overview of the rooms to be prepared and includes any special instructions from the front desk, such as sheet changes, etc. Interfaces are available for switchboards and web television making it easier for cleaning staff to update each room’s status.

Standard ERP has a touch screen point of sales (POS) system for bars and restaurants, which works equally well for hotel facilities as it does for standalone dining establishments. Restaurant reservations can be made directly from the restaurant, or from the front desk, making it easy for reception staff to offer such bookings upon check-in. Daily sales reporting allows you to review sales by shift, in time slices defined by the user, so you can better plan shift patterns, or to determine the most optimal operating hours for the restaurant.

All of these features, and more, give you the tools to efficiently manage your hospitality establishment from a single business management system. To learn more about Standard ERP’s comprehensive hospitality tools, download the brochure here or contact your local HansaWorld partner.