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About the Company

ACISA, a leader in car importation, sales of automobiles and parts, and workshop services, has been a cornerstone in the Paraguayan market since 1919. Approximately 80 people work diligently to maintain the number 1 position for the Chevrolet brand in Paraguay. ACISA operates from its Headquarters in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, with a branch in Santa Rita - Alto Paraná Department, and a branch in Colonia Rio Verde - San Pedro Department.

The Need

Until recently ACISA were using version 4.1, but in order to remain leaders, they needed a modern solution. After evaluating various options, they returned to choosing Standard ERP for its familiarity and capabilities.

“Our recommendation for Standard ERP is wholehearted. We used the previous version for over 20 years and trust that we will continue to use it for another 20 years. Its operation is not complex, and it simplifies the various business operations seamlessly. Our recommendation before choosing any ERP system is to establish all departmental flowcharts with data processing and define the expected data”
Said the IT manager Gustavo Ayala.

In the evaluation of other ERP systems some options were dismissed due to factors such as pricing and complexity of implementing a new system. The decision was streamlined by choosing an updated and familiar ERP system. During the implementation process, the ease of transferring initial balances for customers, suppliers, and stock were highlighted. The main challenge was meeting the specific requirements of each department in the company, which was achieved through personalised support and continuous attention from the implementation team.

The Solution

The implementation began in 2022 with other companies in the group, which have a more basic circuit with simpler operations. This allowed them to learn valuable lessons that they later applied when launching the system at ACISA in January 2023; with crucial modules such as Accounting, Payroll, Sales, Purchases, Inventory, and Service Orders.

“The operations that can now be processed with the system can be seen, for example the creation of withholdings for suppliers directly from the payment records and subsequent export of the same to the official system of the Undersecretary of State for Taxation (SET), as well as the ease,”
Says Gustavo.

The goal was to ensure a smooth transition without disruptions in our business operations. The initial migration of customer balances, supplier balances, and stock was surprisingly straightforward. Facing significant challenges in adapting the system to the unique needs of each department, but with personalised support and constant assistance from the implementation team, we overcame every obstacle. Our recognised partner, Golive Consultant SRL, has done an excellent job.

The next step is the implementation of electronic invoicing, a mandatory requirement starting in 2024. Also the automation of some processes for the Vehicle Sales Department and the implementation of personalised reports for commercial and finance management. The idea is to be able to give continuity to the use of the system by applying the latest, in terms of data processing.

Favourite Features

Gustavo also shared with us a selection of favourite features:

  • Drill-down: We always use this feature and love it. It provides fast and easy access to information in different parts of the software. For example, with a few clicks we are able to quickly drill-down from the profit and loss report all the way to the invoice.
  • Multi-Company: Having all the information of our economic group in a single solution is very advantageous. Makes our accounting department more efficient and effective.
  • MyStandard: It has easy access to server control, backup recovery, and includes database restoration.

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