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About Telinekataja

Telinekataja is a Finnish company that has been offering scaffolding service planning, supply and delivery since 1965. Due to steady growth and active development, they have become market leaders in the industry in Finland.

The first step towards becoming an international company was taken when opening an office in neighbouring Estonia. In 2001, a daughter company was established for Telinekataja's event services, supplying tents, stages, audience stands and other temporary structures that are designed based on customer needs. Fast growth continued with establishing a company OOO Nevarend in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2005.

The Situation

The need for a new business management system was obvious by 2003. Growing scaffolding management operations brought along complications, slowing down the whole service process. At the time, Telinekataja was using different applications for CRM, budgeting and reporting, it addition to Microsoft Office tools.

"The main purpose was to find a software solution to utilise and speed up the service processes. Having to integrate many different packages was too challenging."

Teemu Virtanen

The Solution

The project began in January 2003 and completed during the fall of 2005. Telinekataja established a four-person project group to prepare the implementation. During six months, they examined several software solutions from different providers. Standard ERP was chosen as it provided the necessary functionality, and offered many possibilities for further customisation at a lower total cost of ownership than competitors.

Once the decision was made, Telinekataja and HansaWorld consultants worked together for three months, preparing a detailed specifications for software requirements. The natural resistance to change was also taken into account and a road show introducing the new solution was organised in all local units.

Thanks to having all information in one place, Telinekataja's internal processes have become more efficient. "With [Standard ERP], all the information about customers, products, quotations and invoices can be found in one place. Even blueprints and other customer specific electronic material can be saved in Hansa," Mr. Virtanen commented. According to Virtanen, the whole process from the first meeting with the customer to sending an invoice has become more efficient.

"The salesman makes the quotation and, based on that, a contract can be created with a couple of clicks. All phases of the sales process are archived in one place and are easily accessible for future reference."

The Future

"With the help of HansaWorld's mobile solutions it would be easy for our salesmen on the field to check customer information and change details on quotations and picking lists. Following up and checking your workgroup calendar also becomes easier," Mr. Virtanen concluded.

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