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Language technology company, Lingsoft selected Standard ERP for Accounting, Sales and Purchase Ledgers, Contracts, CRM, Quotations and Business Organiser with four users.

The growth of customer contacts and amount of field work created the need for Lingsoft’s sales people to access and handle customer information on a “just-in-time” basis. Lingsoft introduced the HansaWorld Business Organiser to their sales and marketing teams to provide dynamic exchange of information.

About Lingsoft

Lingsoft is an international full service language technology company. Products and services are based on their world renowned sentence and word analysis technology that have become the de-facto standard.

Lingsoft provides a complete set of language management solutions; translation and localization services, customized language checkers, text mining tools, speech controlled services, etc. They produce proofing tools for Microsoft Office products in all the Nordic languages as well as German. Their technology is used on most computers in those respective countries, illustrating Lingsoft's dedication to providing the highest quality language solutions.

The company has two offices in Finland and employs 45 language technology professionals.

The Situation

According to Lingsoft’s Sales Director, Jarmo Heikkilä, they were looking for a tool to manage the growing amount of customer contacts. “In today's intensely competitive and rapidly changing business environment, the need to be market-focused and customer-centric is more critical than any other time in the past,” explains Heikkilä.

“We needed a powerful tool to retain and use valuable information about our customers to enhance our business strategies, products and service offerings.”

Jarmo Heikkilä | Sales Director

Heikkilä explains that Lingsoft has been using specially tailored software, primarily targeted for translation businesses. “However, our increasing activities with a large variety of customers, from private individuals to large technology partners, forced us to re-evaluate our tools to be able to handle clients more efficiently.”

According to Heikkilä, Lingsoft has been in productive cooperation with HansaWorld already since 1999.

"We have been satisfied with the previous steps together and pleased with the innovative approach HansaWorld has shown over the years. So when we started to look for new software to support our growth; naturally Standard ERP was the first choice."

The Solution

For many people in Lingsoft, Nokia Communicators have been the main communications tool for a number of years now. “We are living in a business world, where dynamic exchange of information is vital, especially for a company like ours. Increased contacts with customers and growing amounts of field work created the need for our sales people to access customer information on a “just-in-time” basis. We find the Business Communicator answers this need well and it is now being introduced to our sales and marketing personnel,” Heikkilä explains.

The Future

Lingsoft aims at offering its customers quick and high quality service, regardless of the place and time and wireless communication is at the core of these standards. The company is eager to make use of existing possibilities offered by Standard ERP's Business Communicator as well as future developments.

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