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About Bigbox

Bigbox specializes in gifting experiences. Established eight years ago, the gift company currently employs 80 people in Argentina, and 110 around the world. Bigbox has created an innovative selection of themed gifts for customers and the ones they care about. Each Bigbox offer a carefully curated variety of experiences. The company maintains a strong position in the local market as undisputed leader of the industry, a position that has allowed them to expand into Uruguay, Peru and Chile.

Key Challenges

Before implementing Standard ERP, Bigbox had not used business management software, maintaining their data with only spreadsheets. The progress and momentum of the company meant they needed to find a system that offered certainty, clear visibility and projection. The implementation of Standard ERP and all its basic modules began in 2012. At the time, the key challenge they faced was to quickly implement billing, with a partner, for the first store located in a very popular shopping mall. They navigated expected obstacles during the initial phase while adapting the system to Bigbox needs. Today, they are looking for new ways to integrate Standard ERP with their operations.

“HansaWorld gave us more sanity in what we do. More order and visibility with our business reflected in the system.”

Christian Janse | Regional Finance Director

The Solution

Bigbox found in Standard ERP a highly versatile tool and was able to successfully implement billing for their first store in a short period of time. Today, the company is using Standard ERP for accounts payable, accounts receivable, payments, general ledger and taxes. Vital customizations were implemented, automating and reducing the time required for their business processes. Integrating with the company website, for example, where every purchase made online automatically registers the invoice in the system. The invoice is then sent to the tax entity for approval, and finally sent via email to the client, all in a matter of seconds. Another customization implemented provided Bigbox with a retail system that allows sales to be input directly with tablets at their shopping mall locations. This generates billing automatically while reducing wait times in stores.

Bigbox conveys their satisfaction with the HansaWorld team’s understanding of their business, what they do and what they need; an indispensable factor necessary to accomplish a successful and enduring structure. There are ongoing system projects being implemented today that focus on their business in the Latin American region. Bigbox recommends that fellow Standard ERP users invest in performing a quality implementation and dedicate time to understanding the many ways Standard ERP can add value to their company.

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