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Forest restoration project in Fiji is continuing

In 2019, HansaWorld joined the Fiji Islands Carbon Removal Project which involved planting trees in several areas and managing all necessary maintenance activities. Despite being an attractive tourist location, the Fiji Islands are suffering from deforestation due to unsustainable agriculture, livestock grazing, and mining practices. The restoration project aims to rebuild the forest in affected areas, which also ensures cost-effective carbon capture.

HansaWorld’s contribution allowed for 1,000 trees to be planted including sandalwood, mahogany, teak, endemic hardwood, and several other types that form Fijian native forests. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and severe weather events in Fiji, the project is continuing.

It is estimated that these 1,000 trees will capture more than 150 tons of carbon in their lifetime. Besides restoring natural habitats and having numerous positive environmental and social benefits, this natural carbon capture is by far more cost-effective than any industrial technology available at the moment.

“When the principal of this project Jamie Ragg approached us, we knew that HansaWorld should participate. There is a common misconception of carbon capture when millions of dollars are invested trying to do it the artificial, industrial way. The reality is that Mother Nature is much better at this; we just need to help a little”, says HansaWorld CEO, Karl Bohlin.

The Climate Change Conference COP26 held in Glasgow from 31 October to 13 November 2021 highlighted the need for urgent climate action. To keep the global temperature within the 1.5 degree limit, the world needs to halve emissions in the next 10 years. Scientists also point out the extreme need to remove carbon from our atmosphere to put us back on track.

“The UN has dedicated this decade to ecosystem restoration, and together we are making valuable strides towards climate change mitigation”, says Jamie, Principal of FLR Project Fiji.

HansaWorld is hoping that more and more businesses and individuals will participate in reforestation and other climate projects to save our planet. Meanwhile, the Fiji Islands Carbon Removal Project is proceeding to phase two, and HansaWorld are funding an additional 5,000 trees to be planted.