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Welcoming, Anna

November 28, 2019

We are proud to announce through our partnership with IBM Watson, AI virtual agent Anna is the newest addition to HansaWorld. Anna will be integrated with Standard ERP allowing customers to use both voice and online chat technology to operate system functionality, perform searches, stimulate forecasts and make informed business decisions.

Anna is not only able to perform system operations with voice and chat commands, such as running reports, performing searches, and assisting with informed decision making, but she is also able to answer questions asked by customers.

By engaging with Standard ERP’s telephony module, Anna can receive calls, direct calls to intended recipients, and take messages for callers when the intended recipients’ lines are busy. But what makes Anna different from a normal telephony talk-bot solution is that she is also able to answer customer queries regarding accounts, for example, whether an invoice has been paid, or if an order has been shipped, and inform on its delivery status.

Anna is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who wish to use AI to increase automation, enhance operational efficiencies, and reduce overall costs.

Using AI technology cuts down on mundane tasks such as keying data and helps businesses reduce costs and time. Being able to ask your ERP to send a payment reminder to a client, check on your inventory levels, and forecast future business outcomes using data on hand, will not only allow businesses to have an edge over their competition, but will also help them become more profitable and sustainable.

Anna also makes AI available to SMEs at an affordable price. Heretofore, this level of AI technology was only available to very large enterprises, cost millions and years of development to produce.

Anna is helping to transform the global ERP marketplace and future-proof its solutions for HansaWorld customers.