Traditionally production planning software was a separate package or an independingly functioning module in Standard ERP. The level of administration needed was high and reporting took a long time.

Standard ERP has a different approach to supporting MRP production planning. Being tightly integrated to other processes makes the information support to production very efficient. It uses the same principle as other modules and processes, so it is very easy to add production to an existing installation.

You will be able to run all standard production operations like technology base, production logistics, planning and scheduling. On top of that you will find out how easy it is to handle and track batches and serial numbers. A part of supported quality management processes are easy tracking of working hours and productivity through CRM integration and easily getting very detailed post-calculation and other statistics reports, which take a long time to create in competitive solutions.

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Table of Contents. ERP system for manufacturing


HansaWorld uses a concept called Recipes for assembly management, bill of materials and formulations. Recipes control:

Standard labour can be included on Recipes. Multi-level assembly reporting includes:

Machines, Machine Usage and Capacity Planning

Machines are set up in HansaWorld’s Fixed Asset module. This controls not only the accounting for the machine, with different rates for automated depreciation calculations and for tax reporting, and a variety of pieces of relevant data about the machine, but also allows costs to be set for each hour the machine is running, and each hour the machine is idle.

To assist in the planning process, you can set which machines will support the production of each Recipe. If it is ever necessary to produce a sub-assembly or finished item on a machine other than the default, HansaWorld can be configured to use a different Recipe, thereby reflecting the different speeds or capacities of each machine.

The planning process is brought together by Production Orders. Any work that is to be scheduled needs to be entered as a Production Order. HansaWorld then automatically allocates Production Orders to default machines, and automatically assigns a place in the production queue. Both these allocations can be overridden manually. The schedule for machines can then be viewed from the graphical Resource Planner. Drill down from individual machines to specific Production Orders. Rearrange the schedule by drilling down and running a routine to reassign Queue Positions (you specify which Queue Position you want the current Production Order assigned to), or by drag and drop to another machine.

Production Orders also store both the total planned duration of the specific assembly, and the actual time taken - this latter time is automatically entered by HansaWorld when the Production Order is marked as Finished.


The Production record in HansaWorld's manufacturing ERP system performs the changing of stock quantities (decrementing raw material