The full functionality of Standard ERP's Integrated Business Platform is available on a SaaS model. This well-proven option gives you an easy and cost-efficient way of using quality hardware, receiving good service and ensuring the security of your critical business data.

Get the ultimate in flexibility by choosing any of the three main components:

Cloud-based Hosting

Locate the server for your Standard ERP installation at a server-hosting company
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Monthly Licensing

Pay for your Standard ERP licence on a monthly subscription. If your server is cloud-based, the monthly fee will cover both the hosting and the services to maintain the remote server.
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Installation-free web client

Run almost all of Standard ERP's features from web browsers running on any browser-enabled device. You can choose which of your users access on browsers rather than native clients.
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Who should consider SaaS?

If you are confused whether any of the three components of SaaS are beneficial to you, consider the following questions:

What servers and IT infrastructure do you already have? One of the most significant benefits of Cloud-based Hosting is the saving from not buying all the necessary hardware. If you already have a suitable server and back-up server for running Standard ERP, this might push you towards the on-site model.
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What is special about HansaWorld's SaaS offering?

Standard ERP offers several advantages over some recent SaaS ERP offerings, properly addressing their perceived shortcomings.

Rather then developing a new solution from scratch, over 25 years of experience has been retained in making the full functionality of Standard ERP available from any place using a web browser, Mac or Windows computer, tablet or smartphone.
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