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About IT System Integrators

Based in Buckinghamshire, IT System Integrators (ITSI) is a HansaWorld partner with more than 15 years of experience with HansaWorld’s ERP product line; specifically Standard ERP. As a partner of HansaWorld and IBM, ITSI provides and supports enterprise management software and has been using HansaWorld products in-house since 2000. The company services the United Kingdom region primarily, but has clients in Europe, Africa, China, Australia and the United States of America as well.

ITSI and IBM Cloud

With IBM servers in both the Netherlands and U.K., ITSI provides cloud hosting services to their Standard ERP customers using IBM Cloud. These services lower the total cost of ownership and open the door to greater flexibility. Customers can, for example, run a test machine hourly, easily switch between data centers, use advanced monitoring, add firewall protection, increase storage capacity on demand and run hourly database backups without the fear of running out of space.

Hosting with IBM servers means communications, such as email, are quick and secure. “Many of ITSI’s customers use Standard ERP to send emails,” explains ITSI CEO, Paul Timms. “This allows our customers to send email directly from Standard ERP without having to use a separate email client.” However, sending these emails through the Standard ERP server rather than the customer’s regular email provider, such as Microsoft’s Office 365, can cause the email to be rejected due to the server not being trusted. Hosting through ITSI and IBM Cloud offers a commercial SMTP service, ensuring customer correspondence is routed through a trusted SMTP channel.

Virtual and Bare Metal Servers

Both virtual and bare metal servers, and a hybrid of the two, are also available to hosted customers. The former is a multi-tenant environment often chosen by companies that deem flexibility and scalability as a higher priority. Virtual servers are the cheaper option and ideal for companies aiming to stay lean and access their servers on an hourly or monthly fee basis. Bare metal, or dedicated servers, are physical servers giving the user full control over the exact hardware specifications and provide comparatively more security and privacy. Bare metal servers are dedicated to one customer and often used by companies prioritizing performance and reliability.

“IBM simply has more to offer than their competitors, with better choices allowing our users to configure their setup for exactly their needs.”

Paul Timms | CEO

Security & Stability

While searching for a hosting provider with which to partner, ITSI had to take several factors into account for their customers. Specifically, adherence to security and compliance standards. ITSI’s largest customer, for example, has over 120 companies that require hosting with these specific security qualifications as well as compatibility with Standard ERP. Not only does IBM Cloud satisfy the data security standards, but HansaWorld is partnered with IBM as well.

Whether they’re using third-party hosting or on-premise servers, ITSI has the knowledge and experience in transitioning their customers to the superior IBM technology and ensure they have exactly the specifications and configuration their business requires to smoothly and securely operate. ITSI’s hosting services put the customer in the driver’s seat with complete control over their setup and the server hosting their company.

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