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How to master stock management on an international scale

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Cospharm is a Southern African pharmaceutical company with a presence in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. With both retail and development operations, the company is one of the key market players in the region. Cospharm is proud of its knowledgeable staff and global supply partners. It values innovation, diversity, and reliability which help the company offer outstanding pharmaceutical solutions.

The Need

Rapid growth from one retail outlet in 2010, to multiple retail stores, B2B distribution, and manufacturing across four countries in 2018 created significant challenges. The company had to deal with big batches of stock, now in multiple locations.

“Product quality in our industry is crucial since we deal with human health. Therefore, we faced a big challenge to effectively track our stock—especially tracking expiry dates”,
Tatenda Marozwa | CFO .

After Cospharm went international, managing the company became far more complicated. It created the need for an ERP software that could handle multi-country manufacturing and retail operations and would allow consolidation across countries.

With its busy schedule, the company required an ERP solution that would be quick to implement and easy for the staff to learn.

The Solution

After considering different options, Cospharm chose Standard ERP. This solution meets increasing needs and is designed to help companies grow. From a small business to a multinational enterprise, Standard ERP grows with you.

The implementation of the new system provided by HansaWorld partner Yeshua Tech went smoothly and took just three weeks. Standard ERP allows Cospharm to easily monitor all stock in multiple locations and all transactions across the company, ensuring that customers always have access to quality products. The new system significantly reduced the time spent checking stock and overall management costs.

Tatenda believes that Standard ERP made his life easier:

“Coming from a finance background, I like how easy it is to apply what you learn in school to using an ERP system. It helps us make better business decisions”.

He also finds HansaWorld manuals and webinars extremely helpful. Cospharm ensures that all staff members who deal with Standard ERP get comfortable using the software and with the help of online training materials, the process goes quickly and smoothly.

Favourite Features

Tatenda notes that his staff are generally happy with Standard ERP, but there is one feature of the software that makes the accounting team particularly happy; the Data Integrity module.

“This is like having a virtual assistant that checks all numbers for you and tells you when something goes wrong. Now we just can’t imagine our work without it”.

Cospharm is optimistic about the future and is hoping to grow even faster. The company plans to keep increasing its efficiency and expects Standard ERP to help with this process. To do so, management is looking to use the software in more areas. In particular, they are considering Standard ERP’s Point of Sales module which might replace the app currently in use. Being an integral part of Standard ERP, it will highly improve several processes in Cospharm making it even more efficient.