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About Cheetah Management Services

Cheetah Management Services, based in Funchal, Madeira, offers services in the accounting and financial area for multinational corporations. The company was established by Richard J. Benn, with the main goal of providing international tax and financial plannig services. Cheetah is a member of Praxity, which is a global alliance of accounting firms.

The Situation

Before Standard ERP, Cheetah worked with extensive Excel spreadsheets and had their accounting outsourced. This company used a competitor software that Cheetah didn´t really like. After 6 months of searching in the market for a possible solution tailored for the company, Cheetah decided to implement Standard ERP for accounting bureaus, including the multi-language and multi-currency functionality and also the Contracts module. There are 10 users that log into the system daily.

"We chose [Standard ERP] software firstly because of it's price, secondly because of it's functionality and also due to the fact that it runs on multiple platforms, which made the system very stable."

Richard J. Benn | Founder and CEO

The Solution

Cheetah is a service company in the accounting and financial areas, and the customers' accounting is all done in Standard ERP. The system currently has 100 companies in the same database, and with the Contracts module Cheetah can easily do the monthly invoicing using the invoiceable Contracts maintanance routine. Thus the company sets up a contract for each new customer and controls the invoicing through the mentioned routine. Moreover, Cheetah runs some reports that help to control the receivables and payments, and all of this is done in a fast and efficient way. Since Cheetah has many international customers, some documents such as invoices are sent in English using the base currency according to where the customer's company is based. Reports are also run in different base currencies.

At Cheetah, the two languages spoken are English and Portuguese, therefore the company found in the multi-language interface the best solution for it's employees daily routines.

Benefits & Results

According to Richard J. Benn, director of Cheetah, the company found in Standard ERP the functions that meet the company's specific needs. One of the benefits is that the system handles more than one base currency, wich is very useful since Cheetah uses up to 5 currencies for one single company.

Cheetah also needed to work in the same database with different companies, which is possible with hansaWorld, so it is a benefit for the company to have up to 100 companies in the same database. An additional requirement was running in Mac and PC environments simultaneously.

"We needed a competitively priced package that would fulfil these criteria."

The Future

In the future, Cheetah Management Services would like to implement the CRM system, have internet access and also the possibility for it's customers to access specific parts of the system, with specific user rights defined. With integrated CRM the company will be able to know customer preferences and build long-term relationships by delivering exceptional service. Also, it will be possible to have 360-degree overview of the customer's status, not only in the financial area but also all activities related to a Contact. Allowing customers to have access to certain information in the system willl also reinforce the service. With internet access implemented, employees no longer have to be tied to the office, they can access the system wherever and whenever they want.

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