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Laboratorios Médicos

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Laboratorios Médicos is a private institution that was founded in Tegucigalpa in 1976. Over the last 45 years, they have contributed to the development of clinical specialities in the community and earned their reputation among national doctors as a provider of reliable, convenient, and timely diagnostic services. They operate in six locations across Honduras and achieved ISO 9001-2015 certification in 2018. Today, Laboratorios employs more than 150 people and provides high-quality services, backed by its track record and experience.

Laboratorios has been using Standard ERP since 2015. In 2022, they decided to upgrade their software as they had remained on an old version for some time. As part of this upgrade decision, they assessed other systems that were available in the market to ensure they were using the best solution. SAP and other software options were evaluated but were very expensive and had implementation timelines that would take years. Laboratorios decided to update Standard ERP and expand its functionality to include Business Alerts and Workflow Management to improve their inventory management process. The update was completed by our partner GoLive Consultant in Argentina.

With six branches each containing a large stock of medicines and medical instruments, inventory management is crucial for Laboratorios. Business Alerts automate the stock replacement process and optimizes inventory levels by preventing stockouts. Workflow Management allows you to view the status of these alerts more easily. Overall, updating Standard ERP has allowed Laboratorios to generate reports within seconds without slowing the system, improve stock and administrative workflows, save costs, and operate with greater efficiency.

“The use of Business Alerts and Workflow Management has helped us maintain efficient stock replacement times."
Edith Álvarez Mena, Head of Information and Communication Technology.

In addition to expanding functionality and updating Standard ERP, Laboratorios also integrated with Salu Cloud, a leading healthcare cloud platform using REST API’s. This integration enabled them to seamlessly exchange data between Standard ERP and Salu Cloud, improving its operations by eliminating the need to enter data multiple times.

“Since the integration between Standard ERP and Salu Cloud, we have seen several benefits including an improved operational efficiency by reducing manual data entry and therefore the risk of errors. Not all systems gave us this solution so continuing with HansaWorld was the best decision"
Edith Álvarez Mena, Head of Information and Communication Technology.

Updating Standard ERP was fast and easy for Laboratorios. With just one click, all of their branches and users were automatically updated and the company was able to continue operating without interruption. Data migration was smooth and employees were provided with detailed training on how to use the software. The ability to quickly update all of their systems at once allows Laboratorios to stay up-to-date with the latest features in Standard ERP and maintain compatibility with their operating system.

Laboratorios plan to implement the Fixed Assets module in the near future to gain better control over machinery and furniture depreciation. In addition, they plan to implement the Human Resources Management module to track employee contracts, vacation time, and performance evaluations more efficiently. These additions will enable them to further streamline their operations and improve their overall business performance.