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Cummins S.A. is a consolidated company that distributes engines and machinery, filters and post-sale service. Standard ERP has been selected as the business management solution to efficiently integrate with one of its branches.

About Cummins

Cummins Inc. is a North American company with branches in Latin America (Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil) and takes pride in more than 70 years of distributor expertise on truck engines, machinery and fixtures trade. Customers are supplied with competitive prices and an excellent service.

In 1999, Cummins Inc. (USA) took over Cummins Argentina, making the branch completely dependent on USA headquarters. In that time, a complex workshop had been arranged in Argentina, offering the best hardware, in terms of tools, machinery, equipment and diagnosis, to deal with the different needs, but, at the same time, displaying a board of professionals highly qualified and up to date.

The Situation

In 2006, Cummins began to search for a management system to run the business which had to be suitable to the different processes and the same time, should provide flexibility to meet the specific requirements of the company.

“The situation that moved us to search for an ERP solution was the growing turnover and the amount of operations at the branch in Uruguay.”

Martín Moguelevsky | IT Director

During the selection stage, Cummins examined different options available in the business management software market for a year before making a decision; Standard ERP. Moguelevsky recalled that there was no other software that can stand in comparison to Standard ERP's integration with all modules and ease in navigation. In addition, the design and cost were among the important points as well.

Cummins needed an ERP system to handle all operations for the branch location in Uruguay. The challenge was finding a solution for other branches in Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay to run the same management software in the near future. Cummins Distributor – Bolivia is currently using another system, however, arrangements are being made to replace the current system and join operations in Argentina with Standard ERP.

The Solution

In 2007, a year after the first meeting, solution options were reviewed with the managers of Cummins Distributor. They clearly defined the specifications needed in the new system and how it should be used to manage their operations.

“Basically, we needed an extensive solution for all operations. After searching for a year, we found that [Standard ERP] was the only one able to give us confidence.”

The financial factor in terms of cost price, implementation, operation, maintenance and mobility was also pivotal during the selection period.

Cummins defined short, medium and long-term goals for the system and its implementation. It had to be capable of handling all transactions in each of the branches; expectations easily met with Standard ERP.

“The implementation process was taken to be well-organized and interactive by all the staff. From the beginning HansaWorld team was always there to follow the transitional stage from the old system to a pretty new one in the eyes of all users," Moguelevsky recalls.

Consulting services were provided with comprehensive training delivered by a team of experts.

Expectations were fulfilled with noted benefits such as efficiency in task completion, data confidence and streamlined integration that allows for operations in Uruguay to be tracked from the office in Argentina.

The Future

Cummins actively considers the future of operations throughout Latin America. That is why one of the company’s goals for 2008 is the implementation of Standard ERP in all branch locations.

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