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Williams Brothers

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About Williams Brothers

Since 1991, when the company was established, the Williams Brothers Corporation of America’s primary focus has been on superior quality and how that impacts the building and architectural industries. Williams Brothers manufacture and distribute a variety of access doors to customers all over the world. They are the fourth largest wholesaler of access doors in the United States, yet remain a family business establishing solid relationships with its vendors that demand superior customer service.

With an extensive inventory and complete product line, Williams Brothers access doors are manufactured in the United States. Products are delivered through professionally trained specialists.

When it was time for Williams Brothers and their sister company, Strike First Corporation of America, to find a new ERP system, Standard ERP, with seamless integration between modules, ease of use, and Mac friendly features, was quickly the clear choice.

The Situation

In their search, Williams Brothers was looking for an ERP system that delivered value at a competitive cost of ownership with a quick, yet thorough implementation. To minimize time constraints, Williams Brothers took advantage of the “Train the Trainers” approach, ensuring the company went live with Standard ERP at their pace.

The Solution

After evaluating their options, Williams Brothers decided Standard ERP offered the right solution. “HansaWorld has made the process of documentation and storing information seamless. The idea that at a click of a button, I can customize any spreadsheet based on date, item history, sales history, or style, makes finding information extremely easy,” explains Accounting Clerk and Operations Assistant, Carla Williams. “It has allowed us to find documentation that we thought might have been lost or forgotten due to the amount of information you can store in the HansaWorld platform.”

With Standard ERP, Williams Brothers has all the functionality and modules required in one package with the option to add new modules and functionality to the system as needed.

Benefits & Results

The system went live in November of 2010 and has expanded as the needs of the business change. Williams Brothers recently added the Manufacturing module to improve efficiency across their business. Since implementing Standard ERP, much of their business has been automated, decreasing manual entry during daily tasks.

“I would recommend this software to anyone looking to make processing and documentation easy but still extremely accessible.”

Carla Williams | Accounting Clerk and Operations Assistant, Williams Brothers

Duplicating existing records is a favored example in increased efficiency, a feature allowing records such as Quotations, Purchase Orders, and Sales Orders to be easily duplicated. The user then changes the necessary fields and saves, thus eliminating the process of generating a completely new record from scratch. Standard ERP’s complete infrastructure means no other databases are needed within the business.

“We use Standard ERP for everything.”

Angie Williams | Vice President, Williams Brothers

As Williams Brothers expanded with the creation of AG Laser Technology in 2015, Standard ERP has grown with the company, continuously meeting the needs of their entire business.

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