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About Lime Concepts

Lime Concepts, established in May 2014, is a growing business based in the U.A.E. With 19 employees, the company distributes electronics and IT accessories to all member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The young and creative staff at Lime Concepts prides themselves on offering a unique, high quality product line to their consumers. They are regularly collaborating on competitive ideas to discover the next cutting-edge item for import. Future plans include manufacturing Lime Concepts products and becoming an internationally leading accessories brand.

Key Challenges

When Lime Concepts was first established, data-entry was done manually using Excel. This proved to be inefficient and a significant hindrance on the company's time and productivity.

“The owners of Lime Concepts had used HansaWorld products in previous companies and enjoyed the user-friendly interface.”

Karina Motwani | Finance Manager

Based on that prior positive experience, management was confident Standard ERP was the right choice for their company. After the initial months of manual data-entry, Lime Concepts looked to HansaWorld products for a better solution.

The Solution

Lime Concepts acknowledged it wouldn't be easy to thrive without an enterprise resource planning solution. The company needed a system to manage their finances and inventory, an intuitive, easy to use program that could be scaled with an expanding company and hosted in the cloud.

“System training is quick and efficient which is beneficial to our growing staff,” Ms. Motwani continues, “We have a lot of stock that isn't right in front of us and we needed a system that would show us exactly what we have at any given point. Additionally, we needed a system that would provide sales numbers and reports allowing us to track our company's progress in real-time.”

Benefits & Results

Hosting through HansaWorld's cloud option means the experts can focus on the servers while the customer focuses on developing their business. Standard ERP enables companies to streamline tasks and routines to enhance productivity.

“For me, stock management and relevant reports is what matters,” says Ms. Motwani, “and for someone else, there is another vital aspect of the system.”

A fully integrated, hosted system means no double entry and provides the ability to see every aspect of the business any where, at any time, on almost any device.

Describing her experience, Ms. Motwani explains “With the click of a button, we have instant access to a wide range of reports.”

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