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Marine Plant Systems

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About Marine Plant Systems

Marine Plant Systems (MPS) began trading in marine equipment to the marine defense industry in 1992. Since then, MPS has established a network of agencies throughout Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia including the lucrative shipbuilding markets of Korea, China and Japan.

"We supply waste management solutions to marine and offshore specializing in equipment governed by UN regulations. Our agency agreements with manufacturers allow us to support the marine and offshore industries in Australasia through sales and service programs,which we manage inhouse.

"Our industry is experiencing record-breaking growth and, as a result, we are growing our capabilities to ensure that our performance will continue to meet the market demand for our products."

The Situation

"We trade in multiple currencies to customers and suppliers throughout the world. We are authorized sales and service agents for a modest list of equipment manufacturers. We trade in large machinery systems as well as the service of spare parts to those systems.

"The fleet is on the move so we need to quickly respond to quotation requests and purchases, accurately handle logistics and ensure that all costs are precisely recorded. Our growth targets require accurate CRM to help identify our potential within our market as well as reporting that potential to our principles."

The Solution

"We needed a business management solution to serve up to clients in a mixed operating system environment. We needed a robust accounting system to handle multi-currency accounting and tax structures. We looked for a system with integrated CRM, full featured reporting functions, flexible, easy-to-use forms and that would have a comfortable, userfriendly interface.

"HansaWorld not only offers the features that we wanted, it includes additional tools previously unknown to us!

"We quickly adapted HansaWorld’s methods to our business process and are reaping the rewards.This is an unexpected advantage.

"After an eight year search for a full-featured, supported solution, we nearly gave up. MYOB has a weak sales interface and did not fulfill a majority of our requirements. EXONET was the closest competitor, however it serves up from Window only. Because we have a mixed environment and a new Apple Mac Server, we needed something else. This is when we were introduced to Standard ERP. The rest is history."

"We have great support, fantastic on-line manuals and all the tools and tricks to keep us moving forward – and speeds we never thought possible!"

Bryan Little | General Manager

Benefits & Results

"Business will not stop when we leave the office. We’ll work from wherever we can to see that our customer’s interests are fulfilled. We are pleased to be able to work from home, hotels or even using handheld devices (very handy when attending trade shows). We are also expanding our services to the east coast of Australia. [Standard ERP] will make that transition so much easier!"

"We will use [Standard ERP] everywhere!"

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