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About the GJ Johnson Group

The GJ Johnson Group is a group of companies with only one thing in common; their founder. Gary J Johnson established the organization in 1984 and, since then, it has developed from a small electrical contracting business into a group of multi-award winning and world leading companies.

“The group comprises subsidiary companies which cover the spectrum of utilities, construction, and manufacturing. Through enormous dedication, sustainability, passion and growth, we pride ourselves on great customer relationships, service and support, community involvement and world-class, innovative technology.” - GJ Johnson Group

Key Challenges

The GJ Johnson Group needed an ERP system for one of the companies that had been using multiple, third-party systems requiring redundant data entry and tedious routines for analysis. The search for a solution to streamline their business began in June of 2012. Many products were evaluated according to GJ Johnson Group’s ICT Manager, Bob Southwell, products such as Attache and Pronto.

It wasn’t long before realizing Enterprise, the predecessor to Standard ERP, was the clear choice. The entire process, from evaluation to choosing a solution and implementation, completed relatively quickly and the company was live within seven months. Now on Standard ERP, GJ Johnson Group expresses their satisfaction with HansaWorld products, a fully integrated system that continues to accommodate their business needs.

The Solution

With a relatively rapid implementation process, Mr. Southwell explains their awareness in that not everything would be fully tested and 100% ready before going live. However, as they were transitioning from a number of small and separate programs to a fully integrated system, the group decided to go ahead with 80% readiness and adapt along the way, as necessary. Alcolizer, a company supplying blood alcohol measuring devices to law enforcement, businesses, resource industries, transport companies and many others, was the rst GJ Johnson Group company to have HansaWorld products implemented. Once complete, they proceeded to implement HansaWorld products for the next company, Kimberley Regional Service Providers (KRSP).

KRSP is an innovative company providing a range of maintenance, repair, and capital works services to indigenous communities living in remote regions of Western Australia. The locations to which they must travel are isolated and lack a network connection. Due to these working conditions, the necessary solutions were developed and integrated with Standard ERP to operate in these locations, enabling GJ Johnson Group staff to manage their data remotely and of ine, then sync the data once they are connected again.

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