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Having difficulty locating that email that went to your Outlook before you changed machines? Needing to discuss important issues with other staff members without the need to duplicate or copy the information?

Using the internal collaborative emailing system, you can have multiple conversations on the same email with each person adding their comments and updated in real time to the server, thereby eliminating the need to send and receive mail. This allows for a single version of the truth. No duplicates or copies and no information is lost or misplaced as all the information is encrypted and stored on the server. New comments on an email automatically bring that email to the top for easy access. The new feed reader feature also lets you follow conversations and keep abreast of all internal mail that has been read and replied.

Emails relating to customers can be accessed via the Customer status report by adding an activity to the email. The CRM mail shots use the external emailing system, fully integrated to the accounts for complete traceability Customers can select to receive or not receive mass letters and emails for GDPR purposes and the system can send emails to one or all the contacts within a company Add attachments, link documents and other records from the system to an email as with any other record in Standard ERP

Keep your business conversations in the business with Standard ERP’s Email system for both internal and external emailing.

Streamline your business processes and take advantage of the in-depth functionality Standard ERP has to offer.

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