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About CarGuys

CarGuys opened their doors in 2011 with their focus on bringing personalized service to the end user. The company sells promotional products and supplies to car dealerships throughout the United States, with a strong market presence in the Southeast, especially in coastal states (North and South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, for example). CarGuys implemented Standard ERP in order to increase operational efficiency. The results, with the integrated CRM module, has allowed an even greater focus on satisfying their clients.

The Situation

CarGuys no longer wanted to work between multiple software systems and sought one centralized solution to manage all of their business needs. With a new system, the company wanted to be sure that clean and accurate data was transferred.

Before selecting Standard ERP, CarGuys was using multiple systems to maintain their operations. Daylight was being used for their CRM activities while AccountEdge was used on the accounting side. CarGuys owner, Howard Kiss, recognized the burden in having multiple systems and the inefficiencies they cause for a growing business. Having experience with different ERP and CRM systems in the past, Kiss began searching for a solution.

The Solution

“We looked at Saleforce, but definitely didn’t like it,” Kiss explains, “We wanted a Mac functional system that could grow with us”. Standard ERP is cross- and multi-platform and, for Mac, is a leading system. After Kiss evaluated his options, it became apparent that Standard ERP was the right choice. Standard ERP would scale with CarGuys, with additional modules available as needed. The seamless integration between modules was a key factor in selecting Standard ERP for CarGuys.

“Standard ERP definitely keeps us organized, having everything in one place. In the long run, we are more efficient with the system’s integration. From accounting and sales perspectives, it makes communication between the two departments a lot easier.”

Howard Kiss | Founder and CEO, CarGuys

The implementation process was beneficial in providing the opportunity to learn how to use Standard ERP with a “hands on” approach. CarGuys went live with Standard ERP in October of 2012 after opting to implement much of the system independently with assistance and guidance from a HansaWorld consultant.

“I didn’t want to bring garbage over from our old systems,” says Kiss, as he wanted to carefully choose the appropriate data to be transferred. This allowed for a clean start with the system while affording him the opportunity to master Standard ERP.

The Future

In the years after implementation, CarGuys has continued to grow and added functionality to their system. With a comprehensive software solution, the company is able to manage all aspects of their business with ease. To further automate bank reconciliations, CarGuys are now evaluating Standard ERP’s integration with Yodlee. The company is also looking at payroll solutions for employee compensation to be integrated with sales and HR.

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