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Sealing solutions distributor, Ceetak, has placed an order valued at approximately £25,000 with software reseller, ABS Ltd, for a fully integrated accounting and inventory management software suite from HansaWorld.

HansaWorld's Standard ERP was implemented at Ceetak's head office in Bedford over a Wide Area Network that will provide system access to its Aberdeen office. This will facilitate far greater control over inventory levels and streamline financial accounting operations throughout the business; a seamless integration between customer service and inventory control.

"As a fully integrated financial accounting and stock management software suite, [Standard ERP] has a clear competitive advantage. We were very impressed with the speed, ease of use and flexibility of Standard ERP and there are no other software solutions available at this price category that can offer such a high level of automation within the core product offering. We are now able to eliminate traditional manual processes and streamline business administration, which enables staff to focus on other aspects of the business. In addition, the software has excellent reporting capabilities that enable a highly detailed level of analysis."

Caroline Airey | Customer Services Manager

Challis continues, "We have received an excellent level of implementation support from ABS Ltd who have been very professional and highly committed to this project from the outset. ABS were able to clearly demonstrate that [Standard ERP] was the best product to match our business requirements and their knowledge and experience of [Standard ERP] provided us with a great deal of confidence in our chosen software solution."

Ceetak supplies and distributes sealing products sourced from various manufacturing facilities worldwide into a number of markets throughout the UK such as food processing, chemical, hydraulics, pneumatics and automotive component industries.

Standard ERP replaced Ceetak's Sage Line 100 accounting system which was unable to support the company's plans to increase sales growth as it continues to broaden its product range and vertical market focus. Using Standard ERP, Ceetak is now able to easily access customer order information, maintain its inventory levels and invoice customers accurately and efficiently with a central database to control all of these inter-related business activities.

Challis continues, "We have built a strong reputation in the seals industry by providing fast, competitive quotations to our customers. Using Standard ERP we are able to access key-critical information at any time, whilst the functionality of the product allows us to easily transfer information between different ledgers. We now have a highly automated process for producing and sending documents such as order quotations and acknowledgements, which significantly speeds up the entire customer ordering process, enabling our customer service team to get through a greaterworkload."

HansaWorld has also worked with Ceetak to customize the software solution in order to meet a standard pricing requirement used in the sealing industry. Challis concludes, "HansaWorld has proven to be a very customer-responsive company, providing us with the option of pricing parts in volumes of one hundred - something that was very easy to incorporate into the software because of [Standard ERP]'s simplicity of design. This willingness to work in tandem with customers and relay continuous improvements to its user base via regular upgrades, ensures HansaWorld solutions are at the very forefront of the latest technological developments."

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