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About Vertikal Press

Technical publishing company, Vertikal Press, has placed an order valued at approximately £10,000 with software reseller, Countdown Systems Ltd, for Standard ERP - a fully integrated suite with financials, CRM and business management software.

The Situation

Vertikal Press publishes technical magazines in Britain and Germany, with additional offices in Switzerland. It will deploy Standard ERP with the cloud, hosted remotely by HansaWorld ASP partner, Adept Web, from its offices in Ramsgate.

The Solution

The mobile computing functionality of Standard ERP appealed to Vertikal Press, which allows individual employees to view the system on laptop computers using mobile phone connections while working off-site. HansaWorld's cloud hosting options enable high-speed mobile computing and true integration across international borders.

"The mobile computing capabilities of [Standard ERP] clearly differentiated the product from the competition. The speed at which the software works over a mobile connection is very impressive and it is also 100% reliable. This allows our remote workforce to access key-critical business information on a 24/7 basis or enter data in to the system whilst travelling between offices, from anywhere in the world. No other product that we looked at could offer this feature at such a competitive cost."

Tim Whiteman | Managing Director

The design of Standard ERP is a major benefit of the software. Standard ERP uses a single underlying database and application language that enables Vertikal Press to support multiple locations, languages and currencies through a central system to deliver reliable and accurate real-time information across global offices.

Managing Director Tim Whiteman explains, "As a publishing house, we have a huge amount of contact information to try to keep up-to-date which is of relevance to multiple departments and countries. Using [Standard ERP], all of our editorial, advertising sales and accounts staff, have access to consolidated information. Achieving this kind of functionality, at a very competitive cost, improves efficiency and eliminates the danger of duplicating data entry."

"[Standard ERP] is a well proven, international business management product and the high level of integration between different modules allows us to achieve consolidated financial management, customer management and inventory control across all or offices. In addition, the HansaWorld ASP model was very appealing to us because it means we can stay focused on core business objectives without needing dedicated internal IT resource."

The Future

Vertikal Press is currently reviewing Standard ERP's internal and external mail system. This would further extend the benefits of the system and deliver full enterprise-wide integration across all of the company's business critical applications.

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