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About Ain Al Khaleej Hospital

Ain Al Khaleej Hospital was established to provide specialized world-class healthcare, with a warm and personalized approach, to the growing population of Al Ain in UAE.

Newly built for modern health standards, the medical facility opened its doors to patients during the first quarter of 2012 as a private tertiary hospital under the auspices of the new Health Authority for Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

The hospital is distinguished as a world-class medical institution offering quality and affordable medical care while equipped with the best and most advanced treatment facilities, operating with the latest cutting-edge technology. Ain Al Khaleej Hospital employs a team of renowned specialists and medical personnel providing comprehensive healthcare to serve the individual needs of each patient.

Key Challenges

Ain Al Khaleej Hospital began operations in 2012. Like all newly opened businesses, they began searching for the best ERP and accounting solution, a system to suit all of their needs. During this process, they encountered HansaWorld's solution – Standard ERP.

The Solution

The hospital's IT manager, Atif Rahim , explains their choice in HansaWorld's solution was made for its flexibility and seamless integration with third party software, such as HIS (Hospital Information System), used for recording revenue. Experiencing ease in usability, comfortable and secure control over the e-Claim management system, and extensive scalability and customization options are a few of the powerful features that led Ain Al Khaleej Hospital to select Standard ERP.

Implementation began in 2012, when the hospital opened. The primary objective was ensuring all relevant operations necessary for the hospital's management were in order, such as bookkeeping processes and third party software integration. The wide range of modules included General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Sales and Purchase Orders, Inventory, and Quotations. For their staff management operations, the Attendance, Human Resources, and Payroll modules were implemented.

HansaWorld successfully fulfilled every customer request. “We explained our requirements and, based on that, HansaWorld delivered the e-Claim management system,” explains Rahim, “import and export of claims data as XML format and maintenance of all claim handling capabilities like submission, remittance, invoice, submission and re-submission, its reporting, etc.”

The key challenge was reconciling the revenue figures between various systems; Standard ERP, HIS, and e-Claim management.

After choosing HansaWorld, Ain Al Khaleej Hospital specifically referenced their appreciation for a timely implementation, with all modules and integration complete by 2015.

Since completion, Rahim reports they have noticed a marked decrease in data-entry time. Payroll and e-Claim management have been streamlined and their goal, with Standard ERP, is to initiate dashboards illustrating revenue in real-time.

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