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About Mercodia

Mercodia develops, produces and markets in vitro diagnostic tests of high quality and user friendly format. Their ELISA tests are used in health research, mostly in the areas of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The company was founded 1991 by Erling Holmlund and Mona Österberg which today are the company Managing director and vice MD. In 2007, Holmlund was chosen as ”Entrepreneur of the Year” in Uppsala.

During the years of 2000, the company expanded and today they have 49 employees at the head office in Uppsala and 6 sales persons at the daughter company in USA. In 2007, Mercodia had a turnover of 58 million swedish crowns.

Finding the Right System

When Mercodia was going to choose accounting system, in 2004, they were interested in Standard ERP. The software fulfilled all the needs and demands that Mercodia had. One of the most important requests was the compability with Mac and full control of work flows, stock and lead time. After the sales presentation, where the systems module structure lead to great interest, the choice was easy and Mercodia went with Standard ERPP for their financial and sales order handling.

Production Manager, Helene Hagberg, explains, ”Since Mercodia was growing fast it was important that our solution could follow our development. With Standard ERP, it was easy to buy more modules and users as our business got bigger”.

"[Standard ERP] is a system you can grow with."

Helene Hagberg | Production Manager


Production and Purchasing was next step in the process for Mercodia and, in 2006, they decided to purchase a system for resource planning. They did several referral visits to customers with different solutions for resource planning to investigate which solution might fit them best. Again, they encountered Standard ERP and found it to be the best solution matching all their requirements. After a test phase during autumn 2007, Mercodia went live through 2007 and 2008, with Purchase and Production.

Thanks to Standard ERP, Mercodia has a better overview of what should be purchased, complete stock control and with the help of lead times the production can be planned much more efficient than before.

"It is so easy to run reports on products that are under investigation to get an idea of how the production times can be improved."

The Future

Mercodia continues to expand their diagnostic testing operations and plan to take market shares in Europe and in the United States. First out is France with one new office. As Mercodia grows, Standard ERP grows with them. The possibility for offices outside Sweden to have access to modules and reports gives the business a hugh potential of development. The offices can very easily take part of the information of what is going on in other countries and the headquarter can, for example, follow the sales figures for each office.

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