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Implementing Standard ERP helped Ekkom become a modern provider of accounting and consulting services to domestic and international customers.

The growth of customer contacts and amount of field work created the need for Lingsoft’s sales people to access and handle customer information on a “just-in-time” basis. Lingsoft introduced the HansaWorld Business Organiser to their sales and marketing teams to provide dynamic exchange of information.

About Ekkom

Ekkom has been offering its services in the Polish and the international markets since 1992. The company provides the full spectrum of accountancy services, as well as consulting in the fields of finance, taxation, investment and business planning.

The Situation

"We used to work with a DOS-based program, Winbook. However, that was not good enough as our aim was to offer a high-quality service and attract new customers, especially foreign companies," explains Ekkom Vice President Edward Czuchajewski.

Before selecting Standard ERP, Ekkom compared it to other products on the Polish market, including Symfonia, WaPro and local packages such as InsERT and Probit. The process took place in 2002 and Ekkom's customers were starting to enquire about the possibilities of working online. HansaWorld offers an opportunity to access all information from anywhere, at any time. Additionally, Standard ERP supports multiple languages and has a wide range of integrated modules.

"Having seen a presentation and a demo version, we became sure that [Standard ERP] was the system we were looking for - one that could help us fulfil our plans to become a modern office offering unique accounting and consulting services."

Edward Czuchajewski | Vice President

The Solution

"Surprisingly for us, [Standard ERP] was in our price range and also the leasing agreement was very suitable," Czuchajewski comments. The primary benefits of Standard ERP for Ekkom are:

  • The possibility for customers to generate all documents and reports in real-time.
  • Booking all purchase invoices.
  • Booking all financial documents in the following day.
  • Unlimited access to information about the financial situation of the company and the possibility to make payments, no matter where you are.

As Standard ERP can be used in nearly 30 languages, Ekkom's foreign customers can choose to access their information in their own language or in English. After choosing Standard ERP, Ekkom set up their account plan in French, English and German.

According to Czuchajewski, the effects of the implementation were beyond expectations. Ekkom has a system with 33 named users, 32 companies and three additional languages (English, Danish and Spanish).

"Thanks to HansaWorld software, we were able to create a special offer for our clients, which is still unprecedented in the region of Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk). Moreover, we can offer the possibility of using technologically enhanced software for a monthly fee, without the need of buying it. We have grown to employ 26 well-educated accountants and are planning to continue to grow together with HansaWorld."

Since choosing Standard ERP, Ekkom has become very attractive for international customers and their client base now mostly contains foreign companies.

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