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About EVO Konsept

To capitalize on the new and growing interest in electric bicycles, EVO Konsept was established in 2013. The founder, Jo Espen Bjerk, has a background in industrial design and experience with the Norwegian electric car industry. Bjerk tested many brands and models before launching his import and distribution company, an endeavor that has facilitated the now popular trend. The operation runs through EVO Konsept and its daughter company, EVO Elsykler.

The Situation

Communications between EVO Konsept and EVO Elsykler were proving to be tedious with the use of outdated software. With multiple locations in Norway, it became imperative that processes between the two companies functioned optimally. “[Our previous system] was based on old technology,” General Manager, Håvard Kvisle explains, “This meant, among other things, that the two companies' intermediate transactions created unnecessarily hard work for me. I wanted a system that made activity in one company easily reflected in the other, so I don’t need to register information twice.”

Logistics and Purchase Invoices were two of EVO's biggest challenges because they were addressed in an outdated system on local servers. Kvisle, who has 30 years of experience in administrative management, had made clear what improvements where needed. Requirements and expectations for a new business system were high, and, according to EVO, there was only one option that could meet the challenge.

The Solution

In order to increase competitiveness in today's digital market, it is essential for companies to automate operational tasks. Standard ERP offers this and much more to EVO, a company previously unable to efficiently handle the flow of data between their two companies and multiple locations. Today, the companies operate smoothly with full integration in a single system.

“If we had not started using HansaWorld’s system, it would have been total chaos. With their administrative functions, we can handle the core of our business, which is to sell electric bicycles.”

Håvard Kvisle | General Manager

In addition to being available in 30 languages and adapted to the laws and regulations of over 120 countries, Standard ERP is unique because it can be customized to meet specific needs of individual businesses. Standard ERP is build with the proprietary Hansa Application Language (HAL), meaning changes can be made directly to the system as opposed to using a toolset for each respective application.

“HAL makes it possible, for example, to generate sales orders in EVO Konsept when you place a purchase order in EVO Elsykler, or vice versa. This saves us a lot of time.”

The Future

With such rapid growth in a short period of time, EVO requires a system that not only handles today’s business processes, but one that can adapt quickly to future needs. For Kvisle, this was one of the most important factors while looking for the distributor to deliver EVO's complete ERP system.

“With [Standard ERP], HansaWorld offers rare flexibility and wide-ranging opportunities from the start.”

Quotes were translated from Norwegian. Read the original article here.

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