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About Rolling

Rolling is a full office service company selling, delivering and servicing a wide range of office equipment, supplies, household goods and groceries for businesses in Latvia and Estonia. The company was established in 2002, when the demand for printer cartridge refills was on the rise, and has since grown into one of the largest office supply companies in the region.

The Situation

Rolling was rapidly growing and it became evident that a strong web presence was the key to B2B sales in their field of business with customers demanding a one-stop web shop for all their office needs. The company was using multiple systems to run their business; local accounting software for invoicing and inventory control, and software for cartridge refills and service management. CRM was done in their salesman notebooks, and the company did not have a web shop.

The owner, Kaspars Skribanovskis, began searching for alternatives that could deliver all the needed functionality in a single system, eventually concluding the only solution that could meet the requirements of their multifaceted company was Standard ERP.

The Solution

The key was uniting their aggressive direct sales channel with a web shop and the means to offer quick service and delivery.

Using Standard ERP, all of this was possible after implementing the built-in web shop, integrating with communications for call tracking, offering real-time inventory levels to both sales staff and customers, and providing a variety of self-service options for the end users, including:

  • Placing new orders for both cartridge refills and office supplies.
  • Managing existing orders.
  • Access to real-time product status; in stock or on the way.
  • Full lifecycle warranty tracking of their assets (e.g. who replaced cartridge powder and when).
  • Plan recurring orders with specified delivery dates of goods from suppliers.
  • Participating in a beneficial customer loyalty program.

With a single integrated business platform, important features are delivered automatically, such as informing salesman and customers about upcoming supplier deliveries, changing status of delivered goods once couriers have picked them up or delivered, improving service quality by automatically prohibiting inappropriate or suspicious spare parts, et cetera.

Management receives detailed reporting on progress and efficiency for every department of the company. The length of phone calls, for example, salesman and customer, warranty cases, door-to-door delivery times, and a variety of other key performance indicators.

Together with the team of Burti Ltd., we’ve been working on the implementation and customization of Standard ERP, thereby achieving my vision for how an enterprise should operate. One of the most compelling elements of our cooperation is, with the help of Standard ERP, our employee efficiency has risen by 30%. Even in the midst of the global financial crisis, the enterprise not only maintained its turnover with respect to previous years, but managed to increase it.

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