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About Astic

Astic is a financial services association for employees, serving Honduras. Founded 25 years ago, the company now employs 14 people and has a reputation for its work ethic and productivity. Astic’s exclusive members’ benefits offer an exceptional level of attention as well as a quick response to all queries.

Key Challenges

Astic’s main objective was to have control and registry of users and to retain historical information. They also needed to improve their administrative and accounting procedures.

Before switching to Standard ERP, Astic used Informix and Enterprise 5.3 software.

They evaluated Quarzo, SAP and SAF 5 systems, however, these products were costly in terms of implementation time and budget.

Following further product research, Astic chose Standard ERP because it satisfied the company’s requirements, such as process simplification, ease of use as well as the range of modules and the overall structure of Standard ERP.

“The most useful benefit we obtained was the maintenance control the system allowed us to have, and that still today works perfectly. In addition, the system has brought organization within our company to a new level in our administrative, accounting, inventory and maintenance processes. This ensures the user and the company achieve higher professional performance in their tasks.”

Daniel Antonio García Núñez | General Manager, Astic

The Solution

Astic implemented Standard ERP in March, 2016.

The company’s administration department and HansaWorld’s partner in Panama, DCN Solutions Group, were involved in the process. This collaboration enabled the successful adaptation of Standard ERP to Astic’s needs.

Astic found that a huge benefit of the system was that version updates did not affect operations in record, programming procedures or at a user level. On the contrary, the system facilitated better organization of processes and procedures.

Another key point that contributed to the successful implementation of Standard ERP was a willingness by the Astic team to learn the new system.

Astic have noted several improvements to Standard ERP since they began using it. For example, the interface has been redesigned and the result is fresh and attractive. Additionally, maintenance now takes less time compared with earlier versions. In fact, Astic wish to explore Standard ERP in depth to obtain further benefits for both management and accounting.

Astic’s future plans are to keep renewing the license for approximately five years and to implement some customized programming for their special module Solidarismo.

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