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About Aider OÜ

Aider OÜ sells and maintains metal processing devices made by the Japanese Amada Group. Over half of the eight-member team is made up of maintenance technicians, whose days are spent maintaining and repairing devices. According to Henri Tabri, the Executive Director of Aider, he contacted HansaWorld Partner, Excellent, with a specific need, which was satisfied with a tailor-made solution.

The Situation

Aider has eight employees whose work is very mobile. The maintenance service module of Standard Books supports the work rhythm of our team in the best way possible, since it provides access to customer data and information from several devices (the technicians use laptops), and it meets all of the requirements of our work process. In Estonia, there are over 300 devices manufactured by the Amada Group. All of these require regular maintenance and continued service that is provided by Aider.

Before Standard Books, we used Directo business software, which hindered the development of our work processes a bit and did not facilitate business activities in the field of maintenance service. With Standard Books, we saw more opportunities, which is also commercially beneficial and supportive for us.

The Solution

The core business of Aider is basically customer service – we sell a device to our customer that needs regular servicing. This is handled by our technicians who travel all across Estonia. For this reason, in case of a software solution, it is especially important for us that we can operatively converge different work details, and interchange them. The service maintenance module of Standard Books has provided a suitable solution for us, by covering all of the necessary facets of our work process.

The maintenance technicians and engineers can see the whole history of the devices sold to and the works performed for the customer, plan a schedule of maintenance works, order spare parts, and input the description of all of the performed works directly into the software. When the works have been completed at the customer’s location, the technicians can immediately send the customer an overview of the works performed by them.

Standard Books increases the level of independence of our team members, ensures the swiftness of the work, and also its quality. It is often difficult to achieve all three, but thanks to a correct choice of software, we have largely achieved this for ourselves and our customers. Thanks to Standard Books, we no longer have a need for paper-based reporting or regular face-to-face meetings. Our management can keep an eye on everything through the software.

Benefits & Results

Which function or characteristic of the software is especially important for your company, or that has made your work significantly more effective?

[T]he integrability of the software is important for us. So, that our core activities and the accompanying accounts would be available at a single location, although the technicians can provide an overview to our customer at the location, accounts are still kept by the accountant. Standard Books has also provided us with a comfortable solution for this – to send invoices to all of the customers, you just need to make a few clicks in the software. This is certainly one characteristic that has made our work significantly easier.

What do you value the most about Excellent as your partner?

Excellent’s team has had the same mindset as us since the deployment of the new software. I have not met another software provider that would be willing to “tailor-make” its products for all of its customers. Excellent understood our needs, and proposed a solution. I strongly recommend them to all companies that sell and maintain electronic devices.

Would you recommend the Standard Books to other companies? Why?

I would! Standard Books is personally made for each user, thereby leaving out all excessive or unnecessary elements. For this reason, it is a good option for different types of businesses and organisations that can be upgraded and developed over time. The keyword here is “integrability”, which enables you to focus more on the core business activities, in addition to your administrative work.