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About the Orlando Fitness Group

For over 20 years, the Orlando Fitness Group has been successfully applying its knowledge and experience to providing sports and recreation services in Croatia, from fitness and wellness centers to equipment distribution. The company’s expertise offers a diverse range of training approaches with individual testing and assessments, structured fitness plans and programs, as well as diet menus and nutritional supplements.

Three different companies comprise the group, and each manages its own operation. Physio Sport offers services for physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, beauty and wellness. H.O.L.S. manages the group’s fitness and wellness centers, organization of sporting events, training and fitness for wellness staff, consulting and life coaching. Star Fitness designs, distributes, sells, rents and services fitness equipment, connecting the sports industry from amateur to professional athletes. Additionally, the Orlando Fitness Group organizes and hosts the region’s largest convention and expo for beauty, wellness and fitness.

Key Challenges

The Orlando Fitness Group is growing at a rapid pace and, faced with new operational demands, required a system able to handle and unify their business processes. Their previous applications could not be modi ed and were not able to manage the workload which prompted the search for a new solution.

The Solution

The basic criteria while evaluating their options included exible, modern, international software with the capacity to handle their current business operations and the ability to customize and expand with their specific industry. After assessing Standard ERP, a presentation was scheduled and, shortly after, the implementation process began.

Implementation for two of the group’s companies was complete in only two months, allowing them to quickly begin running the business with ef ciency. With a real-time overview of daily activities, comprehensive sales statistics, inventory, easier tax reports and the ability to track orders and deliveries and run analytical reports for both companies from one system, the Orlando Fitness Group signi cantly improved their productivity. Today, the company uses Standard ERP for daily operation logistics, wholesale, retail, inventory, accounting and reports.

Standard ERP is now running on a dedicated virtual machine, in the IBM Bluemix Cloud environment, for the Orlando Fitness group. This service offers a wide variety of resources for cloud hosting allowing each setup to be adapted for any business. Hosting Standard ERP through HansaWorld’s hosting options allows the Orlando Fitness Group to run the system smoothly and securely in the cloud.

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