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About Airtec

Airtec Corporation, the regional distributor for Airtec International has chosen Standard ERP to manage the increased requirements with managing the rapidly growing business. Airtec International is the largest manufacturers globally of digital pressure controls for inflation systems, service stations, and tire inflators. Airtec Corporation distribute systems to Asia-Pacific region. David Hewett, Managing Director explains "We are a company that supplies to customers at different levels and groups within a number of different industries so implementing a system that could help us control and monitor this was essential to ensure long term growth and customer retention."

The Situation

Hewett says "In recent years, our company went through several changes. We went from a large manufacturing enterprise with local manufacturing to a model where manufacturing is in Asia and distribution now locally. Having worked with large and small business systems and downgrading to MYOB resulted in losing some key features that were essential. We looked for a system that could support our local growth and found [Standard ERP]."

The Solution

Airtec Corporation selected Standard ERP for key features such as:

  • Client-server instead of browser based and very fast over a wide area network.
  • A single solution for accounts, inventory and Customer Relationship Management.
  • Mobile handheld clients for on the move access by sales staff.
  • Customer relationship management integrated with sales information.

Airtec Corporation looked at a many of the systems on the market but we selected Standard ERP for a number of reasons. “We needed a company that could understand our business needs and help support our growth. I am a firm believer of not having a large team but more an efficient team and [Standard ERP] demonstrated that it is a system that could allow less people to be more efficient. With some systems there is a perception that they are dedicated for large businesses, but I believe [Standard ERP] offered the advantage of functionality needed by small and medium businesses,” says Hewett. If someone is away or takes over a new position you don’t lose the continuity and can maintain our high level of customer service.

"Most systems when it came to mobile solutions, were browser based and therefore performance was slow and hidden costs were associated with the data transfer. [Standard ERP]’s unique design gave us the security of knowing that the technology was more efficient at a significantly lower cost than any other offerings."

David Hewett | Managing Director

“From our research we found that other companies had only started talking about mobile access whereas [Standard ERP] have been delivering a tried and tested, working solution for some time," Hewitt explains. Using devices such as the Nokia, E61i Business Phone, Airtec could key information without needing to carry laptop computers.

"Utilising the CRM tools as we grow will be a huge benefit to our business. Being able to profile and target our customer base using sales history in the system will help us be more proactive and grow our business."

Customer Status screen showing entire historical data per client across all modules on a single window is not something I have seen before in other software. By viewing data such as Accounting, Sales, Despatch, Service together we can ensure all staff are up to date with the customer.

Hewett explains "We were finding the cost of administration was increasing, so it was imperative to implement a system that would link everything together in one application giving our small team instant access and shared information within the business. While we are small at the moment, [Standard ERP] will still provide the backbone for future growth."

"Our existing staff found navigation through the system very easy and consistent which also gives us comfort knowing that if we hire future staff then it will be easy to train them on the software also."

Solution Details

Airtec allowed a 2 month implementation timeframe which was completed on time on budget. They implemented 4 concurrent users with integrated modules covering Accounts, Service Orders, Logistics, CRM and Wide Area Networking.

Airtec is also using [Standard ERP]’s recipes for bill of materials so that if they take on manufacturing in future, they already have some experience with this process in HansaWorld.

“Installation, which was performed by the HanasWorld consultants, seemed straight forward partly because we assigned a resource from Airtec also to internally manage the project and communicate with Hansaworld ensuring they have allowed sufficient time for training during and post installation.”

Benefits & Results

Time savings from having a single database and information in that is centrally shared, makes easy electronic filing for current or historical information easily accessible and at your fingertips.

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