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About ANZ Staff Club

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, commonly referred to and branded as ANZ, is one of the largest banks in Australia, the largest in New Zealand, and operates in at least 30 other nations around the world. Close to 20 years ago, for cohesion and team building purposes, the bank established their ANZ Staff Club to organize and facilitate social activities and engagements for their now 46,000 employees.

Throughout the past 10 years, the organization has become a fully fledged community of 11,000. Members are given privileged access to shop various retail goods with exclusive deals, company accommodations for personal and family vacations, and regular social events and entertainment activities offered throughout the year. Enrollment is open to all ANZ employees and contractors. As a not-for-profit organization, ANZ Staff Club is structured to provide a wide range of valuable benefits and services while promoting fellowship for their members.

Key Challenges

According to Thomas Walker, ICT Manager for ANZ Staff Club, finding a comprehensive product compliant with specific bank code types was among the primary needs in selecting a system to manage their operations. Many products were evaluated, such as Oracle, Retail Express and other CRM solutions, and disqualified because they lacked the specific requirements and suitable pricing.

HansaWorld’s products accommodated the specific required functionality with optimal costs and Enterprise, the predecessor to Standard ERP, became the clear choice for ANZ Staff Club. The organization has been using HansaWorld products since 2010 and emphasizes the importance in training and understanding of the product to fully capitalize on the functionality it has to offer.

The Solution

During implementation, ANZ Staff Club did not question how the system functioned or its internal processes, Thomas Walker explained. After upgrading from Enterprise to Standard ERP, with a wider range of functionality, they now enjoy the benefits of auditing all of their internal procedures and efficiently streamlining their business processes.

"Having a HansaWorld partner to provide product training and support will assist you in benefiting from the functionality available in Standard ERP."

Thomas Walker | ICT Manager

Before switching to HansaWorld products and services, ANZ Staff Club was using a number of other smaller systems that were not integrated with each other. This meant redundant and tedious data-entry with the added risk in repeatedly exporting and importing data for third-party systems just to be able to gather necessary information and analyze. After switching to a fully integrated system, Standard ERP, the risk of having to export and import fragmented data was eliminated as it is all securely stored in a single database.

The Future

ANZ Staff Club is currently using Standard ERP to assist in developing a new website and member reconciliation structure, which is now about 50% complete. With support from Burti, a HansaWorld service partner, ANZ Staff Club continues to receive additional training on Standard ERP to improve their knowledge and enhance their experience and usage of the system. Mr. Walker concluded by conveying their satisfaction with the reliable services and support they receive from Burti.

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