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About Gas Meridional

Gas Meridional was established in 2004 by a group of experienced investors and professionals with a common goal of offering an efficient and profitable way of marketing, and distribution of natural gas and its related services in Argentina.

Today, the company, part of the Endriven Group, is among the leaders in the industry thanks to its ability to create customized solutions in a timely manner for customers of varying sizes and to provide flexible payment terms for products and services provided.

The Situation

Gas Meridional was not using any business software when they started looking for an integrated ERP solution that would run natively on a Mac and provide them with full control of accounting, purchase and sales transactions while being fully compliant with the tax authority’s requirements. The overall flexibility that Standard ERP provided a positive impact during the decision making process.

The Solution

”We chose [Standard ERP] because it was the only product in Argentina that ran on Macs,” said Santiago Matías, Administrative and Financial Manager at Gas Meridional.

Gas Meridional began the implementation with setting up the Standard ERP Base Engine with 5 companies during August of 2005. Several import routines were developed for the company’s specific tasks such as creating receipts from the information received from the local banks and creating sales invoices from text files exported by a specific software used by the natural gas producers. The implementation phase went smooth and was finished within a month’s time as projected and on budget.

"I recommend [Standard ERP] to any business looking for a fully integrated solution that is truly easy to use. Its speed and versatility are remarkable."

Santiago Matías | Administrative and Financial Manager

Following the successful implementation, Gas Meridional went on using their new system. Being impressed with the ease of use and seamless integration of all freshly streamlined processes, Gas Meridional employees fully embraced the new system.

”One of the main benefits of our new system is that everything can be done with a single click of a mouse. You drill down to accounts, open the original transactions and see that everything is seamlessly integrated. That is the kind of interaction everyone expects and that is exactly what [Standard ERP] delivers,” praised Santiago Matías. He continued, “Another very important fact is that every time we update [Standard ERP], all of our customisations are carried over without any problems. They continue working as they did in the previous version of the software” he further added.

Today the Endriven Group has 9 companies within the same solution, and it is of great help when it comes to assembling consolidated reports.

The Future

Endriven Group continues to grow, today the focus is on further improving administrative processes, seeking to add integration with banks to be able to carry out bank reconciliations in a more automated way.

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