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About Electrónica Elemón S.A.

Electrónica Elemón S.A., one of the main suppliers of electronics and electronic components in Argentina, selected Standard ERP as their business management software. The company has more than 30 years of reputable experience in the electronics market, offering competitive prices, high quality products and excellent service. The company sells more than 6,000 products in their main office in Buenos Aires, and their branch office in the city of Córdoba employs 16 working on line.

The Situation

Electrónica Elemón S.A. previously used an old DOS-based version of local software, Stradivarius, for which updates were no longer available. In 2001, during a combination of economic, political and social circumstances affecting Argentina, the company decided in favor of a new business management solution.

“We decided that it was the right moment for changing the system,” remembers vice-president Daniel Garbarino.

“When evaluating [Standard ERP], I was very impressed with the possibility of obtaining a deeper analysis of future profit from the Sales Order. This was the kind of information and analysis that was not available with our previous solution.”

Some of the reasons that helped in choosing Standard ERP were:

  • Customer-oriented.
  • User-friendly GUI.
  • Competitive cost–price relationship.
  • Reliable integration with all modules.
  • Integration with both CRM and ERP.

New Beginnings with HansaWorld

When carrying out the implementation, customizations were programmed to fulfill requirements for costs calculations of multiple currencies. This was a top priority with Electrónica Elemón having suppliers from different countries in Asia and Europe, making needs such as cost control of items and currency rates a priority.

Electrónica Elemón S.A. started working on software version 3.9 of Standard ERP, and implemented modules included Logistics, Purchase Orders and Quotations, Pricing, CRM, Group Calendar. They have 14 named users and 2 concurrent users distributed between the main office and Córdoba branch.

The implementation took one year; during this time the custom programmed functions were tested and approved by the customer.

HansaWorld’s dealer employees were in charge of the implementation, training and consulting provided to Electrónica Elemón.

Other benefits included:

  • Integration of information from all modules in the system.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Time savings.
  • Better customer service.

“The main result we were expecting was better performance compared with the old system, this was successfully achieved after implementing and stabilising the system.”

Daniel Garbarino | Vice President, Electrónica Elemón S.A.

Future Plans

Since 2006, Electrónica Elemón has been a HansaWorld customer through HWBA SRL, the regional office of HansaWorld‘s Latin American operations. They expressed their trust in HWBA with beginning the migration project from version 3.9 to 5.1 of Standard ERP. The migration process was successfully completed in January 2007.

“We are using only 70% of our system’s full potential. After the migration to version 5.1 we are conscious that there are lots of functions that we can use in the short term,” commented Daniel Garbarino, referring to the modules of CRM and Expenses, with trainings scheduled for the next coming months.

Future plans include the development of new export and import processes to work with their website, and at the same time keep control over their business data.

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