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How to remain on top of business processes in a multinational setting

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EmBlue is an international marketing agency originally from Argentina that provides its clients with marketing solutions of any scale; from simple email campaigns to complex marketing strategies.

EmBlue values an individual approach with every customer. With 15 offices in six different countries, and technical support in Spanish and Portuguese, the company makes sure that every client has a local representative.

The challenge

With high quality service and customer satisfaction, emBlue is experiencing rapid growth. It quickly outgrew the Argentinian market and started an international expansion to Colombia.

Management staff at the time realised that the growing number of customers, and documents too, required them to establish more effective processes in the company. Therefore, emBlue started searching for an ERP software to meet their increasing needs.

“We needed software to help us create and send invoices in a quicker and more efficient way because their number was growing” explains emBlue’s administration manager, Andrea Silva.

The international expansion raised another key requirement for the ERP system; it had to be efficient in a multi-country environment and allow the company to store all its data in a single, centralised database. This became increasingly important as emBlue planned to expand further into Peru, Chile, Mexico, and the USA.

“We were looking for software that would allow us to unify processes in all our subsidiaries. This, in turn, required full localization for each country”, says Andrea.

Apart from the obvious differences of running business across borders; different currencies, tax systems and business regulations, in Latin America, e-Invoicing was one of the biggest challenges.

The fact is, different countries have very different approaches to e-Invoicing. For example, in Argentina, e-Invoices must be registered directly through the tax authority, while in Chile they go through the third party first. Therefore, there were not too many ERP systems available that had all the necessary localizations for international businesses like emBlue in Latin and Central America.

The solution

EmBlue chose HansaWorld as their ERP software provider. Standard ERP met all their requirements and provided localization and support.

GoLive and Analysis Tech, HansaWorld partners, took care of the implementation process. It covered invoicing, receipts, payments, and purchases. As a result, all of these processes have become more efficient and systemized. Before, emBlue staff would create PDFs for each invoice and attach them to emails that were then sent manually to each client. Multiplied by hundreds of invoices in every local office per month, it resulted in a significant amount of time saved. Now, the process is fully automated and invoices are issued and sent in one click with their PDF versions attached.

Outstanding invoices are no longer a pain. Instead of checking every invoice, a monthly maintenance is run and Standard ERP finds all the outstanding invoices and automatically sends email reminders to the clients.

The original implementation, which included integration with a specialized contracts software, took two months. Since emBlue is still growing rapidly, new countries are now being added much quicker.

Andrea is happy with the outcome,

“With the help of Standard ERP we have established full control over our international offices, optimized processes, and increased efficiency. It has had a great impact on our commercial performance”.

EmBlue uses HansaWorld’s hosting service which means that their ERP system is stored in cloud servers. This ensures safe and flexible hosting that is easy to manage, and eliminates the need for an in-house system administrator or third-party hosting provider.

Optimal results, multinational ability, higher profits

The future looks bright for Andrea as emBlue continues to grow,

“We are planning to establish presence in more countries in Latin America, open more offices, and attract thousands of new customers. HansaWorld will accompany us in this process”.

Meanwhile, Standard ERP is constantly improving, too. The integration with payments and receipts automation provider, Mercado Pago is in its full progress. With this integration, emBlue’s customers will be able to pay their invoices straight from the email.